Dallas/Fort Worth Mini Show
Celebrating Her Majesty's Golden Jubliee with lots of Minis
A British Car Show in Grapevine, Texas
2003 International Motorcycle Show
DFW Mini Meet
Golden Jubilee
Fall Classic
2003 Motorcycle Show
A Volkswagen show in Arlington, Texas.
Bugswarm 6
Nigel, Jake's 1969 Mini Cooper
Lovely Mini Hinders
Mini Owners of Texas Dinner
Captain Jake Flasheart from Scarborough Faire's Original Pirate Crew, The Seahawks
The Seahawks - Pirates!
A VW Thing Door travels across America. Here's its Irving, Texas stop.
Thing Door Across the USA
Amazingly bad customer service from Preston Ordrop and the rest at FlashNet, a very poor ISP.
Bad Service From FlashNet
How do YOU count to 10?
Jake Embarasses Clinton
Captain Jake's Big Blow
My Former Didjeridu Business
A Beautiful Thing.
Jake's Former 1974 Volkswagen Thing


Here lies a bunch of stuff. Each image is clickable.


Jake's Honda Express
All British Car Days 2002 at White Rock Lake
All British Car Days 2004 at White Rock Lake
4th Annual Texas Mini-Car Round-Up
Dan, Amy, Richard, Janice, Guy, Novie, Her, Chris, Ann
DickensFest, a Scarborough Faire Production
Kubeltreffen South 2001 - The First
Valentines Day 2004 - It Snows Like Crazy
A Volkswagen show in Arlington, Texas.
Bugswarm 7
British Style, Japanese Reliability
Jake's Kawasaki W650
Jake's Former Yamaha FJ1200
Jake's Former Kawasaki KE125 (No pics)
Main Force Patrol
The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Highland Park Village Theater.
Carrollton, Texas' SantaCops Carshow
SantaCops Car Show
Read all about my Big Tale of Woe trying to get a small leak repaired by American Transmission in Carrollton, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, Texas, their failure to fix the leak, the additional problems they installed, their stalling tactics, their 8 attempts to fix it, and their utter failure at transmission repair.