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The Mini Owners of Texas showed up in force, fielding at least 9 entries. Two additional Minis showed up but didn't enter the show. Click on any picture for a much larger version. Mike Morgan left before I could get a picture of his screaming yellow Mini. Minis are presented in order of the lineup. Click on any picture for a much larger version.

Skip Laughlin's Countryman. Looked to be in perfect showroom condition and took home First Place!
Skip's other Mini, a modified 1969 Mini Cooper.
Wes Stewart's 1973 Innocenti Cooper 1300 Export
Grover Maurer's 1963 Mini Cooper S took Second Place. This car was raced by Grover and is outfitted with a full roll-cage and a bunch of other racing goodies. And even after all that racing, he still has gorgeous paint.
Jake's 1969 Morris Mini Cooper, which took Third Place. This car has its own page here.
Bill Boyles nifty blue Mini Traveler. Bill's son drove this car, and in fact learned how to drive in this sleek Traveler. Note the nifty clip-on side view mirror on the car's left side.
Angel and Madeline Ruiz made it to this show plenty early with their great looking 1971/89 Mini Mayfair 998.
John Wright's 1960 "Cooperized" Austin Se7en Deluxe 1098. This was one of the cleanest cars at this show. Really in outstanding shape.
Our line o' Minis. The big lump halfway down the line is a BMW New Mini. Notice how much larger it is than the original Minis.
This BMW Mini was bought in Kansas and is being sold as a used car here in Texas. The price is 29,999 dollars, about eight thousand dollars OVER list price for this used car which is sold "As-is", with no dealer-support network in the entire state of Texas. It was interesting to look at though.