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A Beardmore London Taxi. This car was, in my opinion, one of the great stars of the show. It was immaculately restored by Kip Motor Company.
More people were drooling over this car all day long than most others.
Check out the little red spigot on the left side, used to send hot water through the radiator for heat.
Lovely interior, which also had two fold-down jump seats in front of the back seat. It was gorgeous.
Now THIS is big style. This Jaguar Mark VIII was one to die for. One of Jag's greatest designs in my opinion.
And here was one of their other great designs, the XK-E. I'll take one of each.
Yes, this show was in Texas. The horse however, was not of British origin but we let him stay anyway.
I wish I would have gotten a better shot of this car, a beautiful Morris Minor convertible. The dashboard was absolutely perfect.
This and the Rolls Royce motor were my favorites at this show. This one here is just so absolutely basic in design there's a simply beauty to it.
This Morgan, owned by Traci (and Roy) Murphy, won First Place in the Morgan category and Best of Show. Congratulations!
A lovely Morgan Plus 4, which is apparently a tremendously rare one with the hardtop.
The classic Nash Metropolitan.
I had my friend stand next to this Rolls Royce Phantom III to get some perspective to the massiveness of the front end. Of special note on this Rolls is the "Spirit of Ecstasy" hood ornament. On this car it's the kneeling lady. From what I've read, the kneeling lady was made for the some of the misogynistic countries in the near east where women are viewed as subservient and a kneeling woman is much more acceptable.
The interior of the Roller's driver's compartment. Note the squeeze-bulb horn on the right side of the steering wheel.
A fella told me that this engine in this Rolls is based upon the famous Merlin engine. I'll take it. Look at that distributor...
Oh wow. Wow. Wow. 1962 Sunbeam Alpine
We drooled over this car for pretty much the whole show. The design of that body just blew me away. The tailfins, the clean line from headlight to taillight, the overall style....This car helps one to understand the terms "want" and "desire".
Huge applause for the owner of this car, Steve Kirk of Dallas, Texas.
With the top up, it still maintains it's allure.
One of Triumph's styling triumphs, the TR3.
Beauty from all angles.
A 1935 Triumph Gloria.
One of Kip Motor Company's entries, a lovely 1959 Triumph TR10. At the back is the lovely Bob of Kip's. When you call Kip Motor you'll most likely be speaking with Bob. Bob's also a great Studebaker enthusiast.
The backside of the Triumph. In all other parts of the world, this was known as the Standard 10.
The lovely plaque won by my 1969 Mini Cooper, Nigel.