All British Car Day 2004, held at White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas on April 18th, 2004. This was the first year the show was hosted by its new organizer, Kip Motor Company. Attendance was down from the previous two years but there was still a substantial showing. There are a few bugs to be worked out for next year, but overall a great debut under the new organizers!

There were quite a few other European cars at the show, which made for a more varied mix. The cars are presented in roughly alphabetical order. Click on any photograph for a much larger version.

A lovely Alpha Romeo, a model I've never seen before.
Detail of the same Alpha.
An Alpha Romeo Gloria 1500 Super. I believe this is the same type of car that was used to chase the Minis in the original Italian Job. I suggested to the owner that we get our red, white, and blue Minis and go tearing through the show. He thought it was a good idea.
One of my favorite cars, the Citroen 2CV.
This one is a 2CV4.
Classic styling, beautiful shape.
Even American cars showed up, but they were exempt from judging.
A car from Kip's shop, a Humber Super Snipe.
THE dream car for my generation, a Lamborghini Countach. Almost as cool as The Last of the V8 Interceptors from The Road Warrior.
Not entered in the show, but a real beauty, with a patient wife waiting while her husband perused...
We almost voted this Mercedes "Best of Show", except it isn't British.
A flawless top with REAL functional landau bars. How many fake ones have you seen on more modern cars?
Dana posing to the "Car She'd Most Like to Swipe", Debra's (Kip's wife) Metropolitan.
1930's MG, perfect restoration, a sight to behold.
Detail shot of a DeTomaso Pantera. Very pretty.
This is the car we voted for as "Best of Show". It's a Morris Oxford, owned by a very sweet older couple.
One of the most amazing things about this car is that the couple bought it. New. Off the showroom floor.
They let us open the door and look inside. This is the car they took on their honeymoon, about 50 years ago.
The Mini Owners of Texas were there in force.
With all different variants of the Mini. We had a Clubman, a Traveler, a Pickup, a Riley, a Wolsey, etc.
Kip was worried that MOT wouldn't have at least 10 cars, to validate us having a Mini Category. We had over 15, including a blue Traveler owned by a guy who never speaks to any other Mini owner, and a green one with a black vinyl roof who wouldn't park with the other classics, but parked it with the BMW Minis. Odd....
My 1969 Morris Mini Cooper, Nigel.
One of the prettier Rolls Royce cars.
What a beautiful and classic front end.
A rather unusual entry, a Riley One Point Five.
Love that fancy grillwork!
I think it looks best in profile though.
Stunning older Rolls Royce. Dig the size of those headlights!
Note that the "Spirit of Ecstasy" is the kneeling version. It's my understanding that this was a special version that was required for Arabic countries, where women are viewed as being less than men.
The giant Rolls engine.
What a gorgeous tail end. Note that even the taillights share the swoopy design. Truly a work of art.
Always one of my favorites,"Steve's Sunbeam Alpine".
We've lusted after this car since we first saw it years ago. We always vote for it.
Very few bike entries this year. This one was the most interesting.
A Triton, which is a Triumph engine in a Norton frame.
The most unusual entry, and one that really took my fancy, a Mercedes Unimog!
Worst part of it though, it was FOR SALE!
Love the utilitarian style.
Another American car not entered but present. Sweet.
The end of the Citroen 2CV4.
Many dogs made the show also. This one scared us.