About the artists:
Gitana A brilliant artist. Has immersed herself in deep study of Aboriginal Australian art, and this is definitely reflected in her work, though she never imitates the work of Aboriginal artists. Her creations exist in many different mediums and styles, including Trompe L'oeil. Once asked to paint an ex-postal jeep to appear as if it were made of meat.
Mitch Can vibrate his lips and hold his breath for thirty minutes. Once turned down a job as an artist with Walt Disney over a woman. (True!) Don't mention this to him as it tends to upset him. A truly talented artist, creator of the HDG paint style. Easy to hold during a 30 minute set. A founding member of hard-rockin' didjband SINFISH, and a bad mother in his own right.
Mike! Mike is an incredible muralist from Fort Worth, Texas, the last artist who joined our team and added a whole new and different flavor to our paint styles.
Marry A lovely young insomniac who never can find the time to write about herself. Marry provided us with didjeridus with a decidedly feminine and fantastical element.
Shlei! Shlei (Leah Posey Patton) is known not only for her Fantasy artwork (look for some interesting themes on the didjs) but equestrian work as well, from horses to mules to zebras. She also does commission work for gift items - her latest art will be appearing at the Fort Worth Stockyards featuring the Longhorn Herd. In addition to illustrating for a dozen-odd magazines worldwide, she also has her own line of computer graphic clipart collections. You can e-mail Sandar@msn.com
Captain Jake Jake is an engineer of many disciplines who has been making and playing didjeridus for a very long time now. He makes the instruments, hand shaping and tuning each one. He usually didn't paint, but there are at least 4 didjeridus that he applied his brushes to. Other member of hard-rockin' funkadelic George Clinton-inspired showband and revue, SINFISH, and player of the fire-breathing FlameDidj. Inventor of FunkStyle didjeridu.
E. Scotsman Captain Jake had him imported from the snow-encrusted state of Illinois. At 7 foot tall he was just PERFECT for Captain Jake's Big Shop. E. Scotsman is Captain Jake's Big Apprentice. He assisted in the creation of the didjeridus, plays the didj like a wildman, and assisted at each show. C'mon by and meet him, he's *awfully* hard to miss.
Wee Colleen Part-time volunteer shop assistant. A really good friend who is often at our shows and has been known to step in and help when we've got a lot of folks in the shop.