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The Didjeridu is an Australian Aboriginal musical instrument. It is the original woodwind, a long hollow instrument. At one end a simple mouthpiece is constructed out of beeswax to assure a tight seal for the player's lips to buzz through. The sound is modulated by movement of the tongue, cheeks, diaphragm, and the player's voice.

The sound of a didjeridu is unique and unmistakeable. If you'd like to hear one for yourself, here's a short clip made from one of our instruments.

We are Texas' only professional didjeridu artisans, producing some of the finest didjeridus to be found. Over the past 8 years, Captain Jake's has been producing concert-grade didjeridus now found on almost every major continent, played by some of the world's best didjeridu players.


Captain Jake's BIG NEWS! After more than 8 years of wonderful business, Jake is making no more didjeridus. It's been a great 8 years, but Jake's many other interests must take precedence. Jake's special effects, props, and makeup business for film and television now takes up the majority of his free time, and as each didjeridu requires about 60 hours of hand labor, the time is no longer there. All of our remaining instruments are available exclusively through the Geoffrey Harp School, at 507 Church Street in Grapevine, Texas. Their number is 817-251-1385. Jake does remain available for Didjeridu repairs and re-mouthpiecing.

Our endless thanks to all of our customers and all the great people we met and friends we made throughout the years, we wouldn't trade those memories for anything. - Captain Jake Sposato (Ret.)