The Didjeridu is an Australian Aboriginal musical instrument. It is the original woodwind, a long hollow instrument. At one end a simple mouthpiece is constructed out of beeswax to assure a tight seal for the player's lips to buzz through. The sound is modulated by movement of the tongue, cheeks, diaphragm, and the player's voice. The sound of a didjeridu is unique and unmistakeable. If you'd like to hear one for yourself, here's a short clip made from one of our instruments. Captain Jake's didjeridus are:
Lightweight Easier to hold during a 30 minute set. They weigh on the average of 2.5 to 3 pounds.
Extra Durable Guaranteed to never crack! Will withstand being dropped, travels very well. Paint sealed with several clear coats, and the end of the bell has a rubber "phüt" to protect it. Made of plastic resin, each one hand formed.
Tuned! They were available in most any key, special keys were available upon request. Bagpipe keying was available (They sound stunning with bagpipes!).
Superior Sound Many years of research went into developing a modern didjeridu with a sound equal to wooden ones. Captain Jake has played his didjeridus in concert with imported wood didjeridus, and listeners have been rather taken aback by the matching and complimentary sounds of wooden instruments and Captain Jake's didjeridus. Have a listen!
One of a kind! Captain Jake's Big Blow had five artists, Gitana, Mitch, Mike, Marry and Shlei producing beautiful designs for each didjeridu. We never repeat a design. Your didjeridu is guaranteed to be one of a kind.

The Didjeridu comes from the indigenous people of Australia. We honored them in the making of our didjeridus and in the spreading of the stories of the original people in the land of Oz. The Aborigines of Australia are a people with a very rich culture, and are the longest continuously existing culture in the known history of this world.