Folks from all walks of life! Doctors, Emu Ranchers, students, computer professionals, artists, professional musicians, mothers, fathers, anybody with at least two lips.
Captain Jake's Big Blow is proud to note among its customers many professional musicians. Hamish from the Australian band BROTHER, (Rhubarb Records), owns a Captain Jake's didjeridu and absolutely tore down the walls playing it in the closing concert of Irish Festival.

Be sure to check out their latest CD! We are proud to mention that the didjeridu heard on the BROTHER albums from "The Digging Bone" forward is provided by Captain Jake's Big Blow. Their music, a blend of Scottish, Celtic, Australian, and Rock -n- Roll is the best we've ever heard.

Another fine band that uses a Captain Jake's Didjeridu in their show is The Blarney Brothers. Described as a "Scotch-Irish, Folk-Rock, Rhythm & Blues, Country Western, Jazz, Reggae, Heavy Metal, Fusion band with Gospel overtones.", these guys rock the house with amazing regularity in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex.