Valentines Day, 2004. In Dallas, Texas, it snowed like the Dickens. Weird.

There were snowmen in great abundance, as it only snows one day a year in Dallas.

People were out, making snowmen!
Huge unused field, covered in snow.
It was beautifully quiet.
Few cars about, snow still falling.
Lots of effort to scrape  up what little snow there was...
But this deterred no one, there were snowmen to be built!
The regulation snowman on the grounds of Tom Landry Elementary School.
Snow Bunny! Or Snow Satan, I suppose....
Caught in the act! Their dog was having a great time.
One of the many canals that run through Valley Ranch.
Quiet and serene.
with very cold ducks.
Very puzzled ducks.
Giant Mutant Frozen duck.
Poor children with no winter clothing, forced to make snowmen in their shorts.
Outside the Dallas Cowboys compound, deep in the heart of Texas.
Alas, not a Super Bowl since 1995....
Dallas also has a hockey team, can you believe it?
Dana displaying the odd stuff.
The snowy edge of Valley Ranch, where residences give over to wilderness.
And in that area, SNOWHENGE! Built by druids, we think. Texas Druids.
Reminds me of Minnesota, where I spent years 1-4.
The catch-pond at the back of Valley Ranch, absolutely silent.
This suspicious guy was spotted outside the local bank.
Just liked the contrast of the freshly dug earth and the snow.
They look like Tonka trucks...
Used to be a big barren hill. Now it has ugly apartments, but made for fine sledding.
These people parked their cars in the road to go sledding.
A snowchair and a snowbeast.
Work on the George Bush Freeway temporarily halted.
Typical Texas Snowman, covered in grass and dirt.
Your humble photographer, indicating what made him come out in the snow.
Woo! Cool mama!s